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Web Portal:


What is portal development?

Web portal development is a fully composed website that holds the information from various sources such as forums, search engines, and emails collectively in a well-organized manner. It is a focal point for accessing the web information. A web portal can also be acknowledged as the library, which has categorized and personalized content. It plays a crucial role while searching for updates, navigation, integrated information, and for many other purposes. Other than this, a web portal is a collaboration of any specific topic, task manager, application alliance and business data.

Developing a web portal requires multi-dimensional operations of awareness and expertise at several levels, to guarantee the best results with time. Sarahbit extends the end-to-end resolutions relying on the vast experience of professional executives to build interactive and dynamic web portals for you. Keeping the fact, that different customer may have different requirements; we have team specialists who deliver discrete portal.

What benefits do you get from portal systems?

  • Reduces frequency of no-shows
  • Perk up patient engagement
  • More competent
  • Enhanced communication solutions

Tell Us About Your Project

Why pick Sarahbit for portal development?

Are you aiming to have an integrated strategy of controlling and sharing information with businesses as well as with general people? You have finished in the right place as we, at Sarahbit, provide every possible web solution you have heard of. Along with the development of portal befalling in any domain, you leverage these amenities in the addition.

  • Ability to integrate
  • Focuses on building long-term customer relationships
  • Advanced support system for digital workplaces
  • The B2B relationship management system
  • Protected data handling capabilities
  • Digital quickness
  • Cost-effective packages for portal development
  • Effortless tracking modes to know the current status of your ongoing project
  • Easy to access our support and much more
  • Type of web portals we hold expertise in-
  • Community portals
  • News &entertainment portals
  • Social media &dating portals
  • Real estate portals
  • E-learning portals
  • Custom portals
  • Government portals
  • Corporate web portals and others

Types of Web Portals Sarahbit develop:

  • E-Commerce Portal Development
  • Using different types of platforms for creating diverse range of e-commerce portals to give your business a medium to connect with the digital world to your customers directly, our approach of creating e-commerce portals is conventional.

  • Entertainment & News Portal Development
  • While creating an entertainment or news portal, we add the entire range of necessary items on the menu, which a visitor may require while going through an entertainment or news portal. The discrete range of option is the key to Increase the engagement rate. Making the option of sharing posts on social networks and other crucial features available ensures the effortless expansion of the business.

  • Job Portal Development
  • SInce everything is available in the digital world and so is finding a job. If you are the one looking up for owning a webpage with loads of career opportunities another smart idea of standing ahead of the crowd and Sarahbit helps you in every move with the digital connection.

  • Travel Portal Development
  • A big population in the world is travel freak and the idea of having a travel portal will never take you down. Whether it is related to booking traveling tickets or hotel rooms, we help you compliment travel services on your personalized travel web portal.

  • B2C Portal development
  • B2C is considered as one of the optimum platforms to build a long-term relationship with clients. It helps you to put up with a strong business-customer relationship that gives you the most effective features like less responsive time, credibility, dependability, navigation, and content.

  • Enterprise or B2B Portal Development
  • Using the cutting-edge technology, we develop B2B portals where you can simply grow your business connections and plan online as well as in-person business meets. A fundamental feature of enterprise portals is its de-centralized content management, which holds onto the updated information.

  • Real estate Portal Development
  • Our experts with vast knowledge in the relevant sector develop portals for real estate buyers, sellers and brokers all in all. Depending on the services you want to make available for your clients or customers, we choose the theme that must compliment your concept. There is another industry as well in which we hold expertise in developing portals.


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