E-commerce Development:

E-commerce Development:


What is E-commerce Development?

Computer technology has revolutionized the ways of business management making e-commerce portal a necessity. The need of taking your business online has become a mandatory step to move ahead or get along with the trend. E-commerce is not only a method that encourages traffic to your website but also as a major key to possess business in an effective manner.

Any niche of business can adopt e-commerce at any point in the merchandising process. Whether you render some sort of service or deal in selling & purchasing industry, you always fit-in the criteria of owning an e-commerce portal. Getting online will help you reach customers worldwide, which means extended benefit.

With the association of Sarahbit, you ensure an up-to-date business portal that stays along with the generation’s need and comfort. Consider, if currently the users opting the method of cash on delivery exists in high digits, Sarahbit will provide the feature, but the technology changes non-linearly and if payment method changes, we will go along with the change. Because we understand the value of customers and therefore you suggest you with the best and ruling industry ideas.

Tell Us About Your Project

Why does your business need an online platform?

Down with better counseling, we implement your concept alongside for satisfactory outcome. The best part of having your E-commerce website is you do not require any special or technical skill to run your business. As soon as you online business portal is customized, we hand over the authority for analyzing and reviewing.

On an addition, to render better user-experience on your behalf to your customers, the team of developers at Sarahbit stays in speed with every new arrival of features and implements it. To beat the competition, which is constantly getting harder, Saharabit supports you to lead the race with a fully customized multi-window e-commerce website.

What you leverage by E-commerce development?

  • Safe transaction method with a highly secured database
  • Cross-platform access
  • Built customers trust
  • Promotion of your product and services on various platforms
  • Easy to reach
  • All-time user access, i.e 24*7 availability
  • Cheaper advertising costs
  • Requires fewer efforts while promotion
  • Make your products available for those in the hunt of it with multi-window e-commerce websites
  • Less investment and big returns
  • Easy to approach international locations and many other advantages

Why pick Sarahbit for E-commerce development?

  • We keep simple payment access integration
  • On time project delivery with an easy tracking system
  • Sharing the administration to check the status of your ongoing project
  • Cost-effective plans and services
  • Fully-customized websites
  • Regular check and modification with the need
  • Delivering high-reliability factor by sharing true information you need to know related to your project
  • Periodic maintenance of your website
  • Quick loading of pages and products

Platforms we use to develop E-commerce websites:

  • OpenCart

    This platform is for building online stores and website and is exclusively preferred for small business ventures. OpenCart gives you the feature of adding different language and currency and gives you an easy path to make your services and products available for other countries as well.

  • Magento

    Making your business portal using Magento, you entitle your business to deliver personalized experiences in real-time to your consumers. We develop tailor-made websites and launch by updating the whole range of products available currently. This platform gives an effective and reliable

  • WooCommerce (WordPress)

    The integration of WooCommerce with WordPress makes it an easy waft for installation and management of the website. When you choose to build your e-commerce website on WooCommerce, you get along with the latest changes taking place. Hence, keeping the track of the updates, we make your website unique and attractive.

  • Jigoshop (WordPress)

    Jigoshop is also a WordPress based program, which is a hot steam and being used by a huge number of users. The core of this platform is integrated with RESTful API, which makes the entire software easy to get to for peripheral applications.

  • VirtueMart (Joomla)

    VirtueMart drags your store in the lead of the race of e-commerce industry. Making this platform the base of your business, you make your customers view the product details in their native language, which makes a great chance of generating customers on a global level.

  • PrestaShop

    Creating your e-commerce website using PrestaShop gives you the ease of accessibility. Our skilled developers generate fully hosted and self-hosted versions to build a website using PrestaShop.

    There are many other software and programs we utilize while building fully customized e-commerce websites. Enjoy a steep growth in your business outcomes by making your existence on e-commerce websites.


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