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This minimizes the chances of any project or order cancellation, dispute, or reversal. However, if you are still not satisfied with our service, then check out the below-mentioned information to know the conditions for cancellation and refund:

1. Digital Marketing Services

Sarahbits offers a plethora of services to its users. By visiting our website or using any of our digital marketing services, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned here. If you have any queries regarding our terms of service, then feel free to contact us.
We offer our services on a global basis, and to run every process smoothly, we might submit the search providers the required information on your behalf for which you must accept their terms and conditions. These providers may be Google, AOL, Yellowpages, Yelp, TrueLocal, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, Kijiji, Facebook, and other such websites. We will not reveal your information to anyone other than those involved in running your online campaigns and marketing services.

2. Material for advertising
Sarahbits holds the authority to post information associated with your business on any search provider or publisher website for marketing of your business. By availing our advertising or marketing services, you allow us to create content according to the information or data (logo, images, address, phone number, logo, trademarks, videos, etc.) provided by your company or collected by our professionals. By providing us videos, images, and other data for the marketing purpose, you also vouch for the authenticity and authority of representing the product or service.
If you avail our marketing services, you also authorize us to reach out to your customers only for the purpose of getting reviews on your products and services. We will send you all the articles, press releases, blog postings, and other marketing material for approval before sending it to the publishing team.
Please note that all the monthly content that has been sent for your approval will be considered approved if we didnít receive your approval (except if the content requires any editing or moderation) one week after the content was sent to you. Domains purchased to provide you our services will be given to you within thirty days after your service plan expires.

3. Unacceptable Practices
For any further information regarding the refund or cancellation, you can contact us through email or contact number.
Please note that Sarahbits holds all the rights to change or modify this refund and cancellation policy at any time. Therefore, it is recommended to go through this before availing any of our digital marketing services or products.

Sarahbits has set certain policies and guidelines that must be fulfilled to have a smooth and strong relationship with the clients. If any customer violates any of these guidelines or policies, then we hold all the rights to terminate his services. Such practices Include but not restricted to:

  • Adult material and sexually-oriented items or services
  • Offensive material
  • Bulk emailing software and tools
  • Abusive language or defamatory content
  • Hacking or scam for personal information
  • Violating state or international law
  • Phishing attacks
  • Illegal activity
  • Activities such as gambling, lotteries, and gaming

  • 4. Fees
    The fee for your online advertising and marketing services program is decided at the time of contract. However, we may change it in accord with the processes created by our search providers and publishers. We will notify you about the same. Please note that all monthly fees are due at the last of each calendar month.
    You will need to pay a processing fee of 3% if you make payment through credit card. If your payment is due for more than 45 days, we hold the right to stop all your campaign activities until the payment is received. After 90 days, your account will be handed over to collection.

    5. Payment
    By availing any of our services, you agree to pay the compensation for it as agreed in the T&C agreement and mentioned in your contract. You will have to make the payment on the last day of each month for the services you have availed for that month. If your contract is made on any day except 1st of the month, then you will be charged a prorated fee for the days left in that month. We will deliver the invoice on or around the 15th of the month. We hold the right to stop the marketing or advertising campaign if we do not receive the payment on the due date.

    6. Period
    Sarahbits contract clearly mentions the initial duration for which the applied charges will be applicable, and it will not be less than one year for the custom campaigns. If you have selected the auto-renewal option for your campaign, then please note that this will be done at the then published service charge. If you do not wish to continue or renew your campaign, then you can cancel the program by giving us a 30-days written notice.

    7. Licensing and authorization of the rights
    You permit Sarahbits to use and post your provided information for the advertising campaigns. Moreover, you also warrant that the given data or information doesnít belong to any third-party and compliance with all the laws and regulatory authorities.

    8. No Assurance
    By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree that Sarahbits doesnít assure for a particular number of calls, impressions, clicks for your running online campaign or advertisement against a query. We do o not accept that the performance will be flawless but will not delay for even a second to fix errors once they have been diagnosed.

    9. Disclaimer
    In accordance with the regulatory authorities and applicable laws, Sarahbits and its suppliers disclaim the warranties not clearly mentioned here, listed or implied, Incorporating, but not restricted to implied warranties of merchantability for a specific cause, with respect to its services.

    10. Restriction of liability
    Sarahbits maximum liability to you is the payment you make for our service. We have no liability in association with the content of any search provider or website or web page not owned by our company. This agreement shall be governed and interpreted by the state government.

    11. Assignment
    Sarahbits may give, represent, or subcontract the authorities or responsibilities mentioned in this service page.

    12. Other
    This agreement states that the customers agree to Sarahbits provision of services.

    13. Authority
    The person agreeing to this contract, and signing the same certifies that he/she is legally purchasing our services on behalf of your company.
    If you have any queries or questions regarding the terms of services or other conditions, then contact us right away.

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