HTML-5 Mobile Apps Development

What is HTML5 Mobile App Development?


Mobile apps will go on with the transformation of the digital world and will play a magnificent role in the business industry. However, with new devices and operating systems, it becomes difficult for organizations to decide whether to go with a cross-platform app or a native app. In spite of the struggle faced by the IT industry, developers and designers at Sarahbit find the best methods of approaching advantages.

Providentially, you do not have to focus on developing the same app for different platforms (depending on the operating systems), as HTML 5 apps are compatible enough to be accessed on iOS, BlackBerry, and Android devices. Therefore, have an app built on HTML5 is less effort and less investment for better upshots.

The main concern of Sarahbit other than the frontend of your app is data security. You must understand that not all the organization offering the same service will be transparent about the security matters. On the other hand, at Sarahbit, we maintain the transparency of our work with the clients and hence we develop applications with a secured database. Along with this, you avail other benefits when you go with the idea of developing the Android using HTML5.

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Why Use HTML5?

  • Reusable code
  • Developing apps using HTML5 codes not only reduces the time but also allows you to use it again while developing another app. With just a few modifications, our developers can transform the frontend. Opting for the smart idea of embedding the same code for any specific task Increases the efficiency of work.

  • Consistency
  • The key feature of any mobile app is its interface as well as how easily a user understands the use of the entire provided component. Developers at Sarahbit maintain the overall look consistency of the app on all platforms.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Developing a cross-platform mobile app is a clever approach for the business that follows to minimize the expense while getting the productive results. Corporations can get an app without spending heavily on the resources, tools, and technologies when they can get the same while investing less.

  • Less time consumption in marketing services
  • We not only appreciate but also follow the concept of smart work and therefore we reuse and modify the codes to reduce the time and improve efficiency. Before launching the app, our IT pros double-check the app to ensure the perfection.

  • Effortless deployment
  • There are numberless frameworks that provide a diversity of modules and extension that integrate supremely with other tools to advance the apps functionality and appearance. It becomes effective for the developers to deploy and manage codes for the apps to run across multiple platforms.

    Benefits of developing apps using HTML5

    • Easy to create Hybrid apps
    • Remote updates
    • Involve the utilization of mobile device features
    • Compatible with different platforms (Mobile, desktops, and tabs)
    • Can perform quick customizations which the change in your offerings
    • Flexible design structures
    • Useful for embedding media files
    • Gives you various animation options and much more

    Why pick Sarahbit for HTML5 Mobile Apps Development?

    In addition to all the above advantages, you get supplementary assistance when you associate with us.

    • HTML5 mobile app development
    • HTML5 iPad and iPhone app development
    • Cost effective plans
    • Smart tracking solutions
    • Delivery of regular follow-ups
    • Return On Investment
    • Adding and removing tabs, menus, or other data from the app depending on the requirement
    • Secured database
    • App tasting for smooth access
    • Compatible Apple interface
    • Periodic analysis of app performance
    • Analysts to remove bugs and vulnerabilities

Iphone-Ipad App Development

Leveraging on our veteran developers, we have become an offshore service provider to complete the indicated requirements of our patrons.


Android App Development

All our Android applications are aesthetically appealing, functionally rich and can run flawlessly across a range of devices.


Cross-Platform App Development

According to a survey, fifty percent of Mobile Apps have used cross-platform development tools to make it accessible across the globe.