How to create a social media business page for marketing and promotion?

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The growing popularity of social media websites and the increasing number of their users have brought a revolutionary change in internet marketing. Those who were earlier finding it an uphill battle to promote their online business are now paying attention to building up their effective presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other such platforms.

Despite the arrival of new social media websites, Facebook is the one that is still a preferred choice of online marketers for social media marketing. A Facebook business page is an opportunity for the e-business to let their potential customers know about their products and services. In short, it increases brand awareness and generates more leads for your business.

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For a novice, it might be challenging to create a business page on Facebook; but with the help of this article, you can learn how to create your business page that can help your business get the customers it deserves. Check out the steps given below:


(For creating a business page, you must have an account on Facebook. However, if you do not wish to link your business page with your personal account, then create a separate account by entering your company or business info instead of your personal information.)

  1. Log in to the Facebook with your registered email address/phone number and password
  2. Now, click Create available on the top-right corner
  3. You will see a drop-down menu with a list of options to select what do you want to create
  4. Click Page, the first option from the menu
  5. Now, select a category for your page
    1. Business or Brand
    2. Community or Public Figure
  6. As you want a business page, so choose the option A and click the Get Started button
  7. Now, enter your business information:
    1. Page Name
    2. Category
  8. Upload your business profile picture (A logo would be the best option to provide here)
  9. Now, provide your Cover photo
  10. There You Go!

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Invite as many friends as you can from your Facebook contact list. Actually, you don’t need to put an extra effort into this because Facebook will automatically suggest the name of your friend (one after the other). You will just have to click the Invite button.

To let your customers know more about your business, add additional information about it on the page. You can write the year of commencement, business type, contact email address, contact phone number, your website’s URL, Company Overview, and more.

Please note that the more accurate information you provide, the more your business will become trustworthy. Now, depending on what you offer, Add a button (Call-to-action) on the page. Wondering how?

Once you are on the home screen of your Facebook page, you will see “Add a button” option on the right-hand side. Click it, and choose from the available options in the menu. Proceed according to the on-screen instructions, and you will be able to finish this process without any hassle.

After creating your business page, what comes next is the promotion of your business using it. To do this, regularly update your page with the posts, quizzes or contests that will engage your potential customers. If you have just started your business and have nothing exciting to allure the customers, then be active in the relevant groups, that you think might be beneficial for your business, where you can grab the attention of your targeted audience.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose Sarahbits digital marketing services to promote your startup or expand your established e-business on the social media platform.