5 Verified Tricks to take your e-business to #1 position in Google

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Planning to take your business online and wondering how to reach the number one position? Well, it is appreciable that you are doing online research before actually entering the digital market. But this article is not only for the newbie, but it also calls all those businesses who are there in the internet market for long but haven’t achieve their dream of acquiring the top position in the world’s most popular search engine, Google.

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Read out the 10 verified hacks given below to know how to overtake your competitors in the race of getting higher search engine rankings:

  1. Pay attention to the website experience

According to the recent researches, the main factors in SEO that aids in achieving the desired ranking are: the amount of time a user spends on your site, number of visitors, and bounce rate. These three factors are directly related to the experience your website delivers to a user. In short, if the navigations are clear, content is relevant, and features are easy to access, then the user will feel contented. The more satisfied a visitor, the higher is the chance of getting a good rank.

  1. Load your website with quality content

Quality (Unique and informative) content increases users’ engagement on your site, which further decreases the bounce rate. In other words, if a user visits your site and finds it relevant to what he/she has searched on the web, then it is definitely a good thing for your website. When it comes to content, what you have to make sure is that your website content is error-free, keyword-rich, crafted for your targeted audience, and also includes links to additional internal and external content. While creating content, don’t forget your targeted audience.

  1. Create more backlinks

In SEO, backlinks work as the backbone of your website. A website is getting quality links from the reputed websites is also considered as reputed in the eyes of Google. Here, we are not talking about the paid links because if you can pay for those links, then PPC is not a bad choice either. Good links represent your website’s authority and improve your search engine rankings.

  1. Less loading time

According to Google’s “Speed Update”, it’s evident that Google considers associates loading time directly with your website ranking. Even if you see this as per a user’s perspective, then also it is clear that less the loading time, lesser are the chances that a user will navigate to some other website.

  1. Place H1 and H2 tags at the right place

Headers alone not only improve the ranking of your website, but the tags included in the body of the content published on your web pages are also equally responsible. These headers have the responsibility of organizing and structuring the content of your website to make it understandable to users as well as search engines.

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