3 Similarities and Differences between SEO and PPC

SEO Tips

Digital marketing is a vast world that comprises a plethora of processes, which help businesses to grab the attention of their potential customers. No matter if it is SEO, SMO, SEM, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, or PPC, every process needs to be implemented and executed in a certain way to achieve the desired results.

Therefore, it is always advised to the startups as well as the well-established companies to hire only the best PPC company or digital marketing firm for the marketing of their business in the web world. But, before you approach one, it is no harm to have some necessary information about these processes, mainly SEO and PPC, which are quite popular nowadays.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and PPC for Pay Per Click. Both these digital marketing techniques have resemblance because they work to bring the same result, which is to grab the attention of online users and convert them into customers. And, they are different as they follow a different procedure to reach the desired business goal.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Check out the information given below to know what is common and what is not in search engine optimization and pay per click:


  1. Top position in the search engine

Both the processes work to bring your website or eStore on the first page, mainly between the first three positions. Higher the rank, higher is the possibility of getting clicked by a user looking out for products or services like yours.

2.  Gain visibility

SEO and PPC work to grab user attention and give your brand the visibility it deserves. The techniques also work to boost your brand recognition as well as creditability to make your business, a well-known name in the market.

3.  Increase conversion rate

Both the digital marketing techniques are targeted to bring more visitors to your website, which automatically enhances the probability that the customer might make a purchase or book a service.


  1. Cost

Cost is the one major factor that separates SEO from PPC; the former can be afforded by any businesses (small, medium-sized, or well-established ones), whereas the latter involves a significant amount of money to be spent on running a campaign. In contrast to the PPC, traffic coming from the SEO is totally organic (provided your SEO service provider does not use any black hat SEO technique).

2. Time

SEO is a long-term process, and it takes a considerable amount of time to bring the desired results. On the other hand, PPC is a quick and fast process that has the capability of delivering results as quick as a wink. You can even expect your PPC campaign to show you the results in a few hours.

3. Conversation rate

No doubt, SEO has the potential to bring huge traffic to your website, but it cannot be denied that not every user coming through it can be converted into a customer. On the other hand, PPC targets only such keywords that bring your website, the users who are genuinely interested in purchasing your goods or services.

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