3 Effective SEO Tricks to Acquire Top Position in Search Engines

SEO Tips

If you are running an online business, it stands to the reason that you would want to be appeared in the top searches to get the eye of your targeted customers. To make this happen, you need to invest in SEO or Search Engine Optimization, which is a technique to optimize your website according to the search engine algorithms.

This digital marketing process also focuses on making your website user-friendly to decrease the bounce rate and increase user engagement. In short, if your website has a higher search engine ranking, it will likely to get more customers, leads, and revenue. In this article, we have mentioned three SEO tricks that will help you to appear on the top when a search is made in the search engines. Check them out below:

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  1. Want qualified leads? Go for long-tail keywords

It is undeniable that keywords are the base of the SEO. By choosing the right keywords and placing them at the right places, you can win half of the battle. Therefore, keywords selection is of the utmost importance. To do this, there are a plethora of tools that can help in finding the search volume, competition, and other factors of the keywords you want to use.

Another thing that requires great attention is to prefer the long-tail keywords over short ones. Didn’t get it? To understand this thing, let’s take an example- you are running an online flower shop that serves within the city only. Now, choosing “online flower delivery in New York” would definitely give you better results than going for “online flower delivery”. By selecting specific keywords, you drive quality traffic that is more interested in your business.

  1. User Experience is Significant

The prime motive of any e-business is to get customers; therefore, it is needless to mention that you should focus on the user experience. Now, you must be thinking about the exact meaning or the definition of this term. Well, it just means that making your website informative and relevant to what a user is coming for.

At any moment, if the user finds your web page or website irrelevant, he/she would not take even a single minute to navigate from it. For instance, if a user looking to buy a skater dress lands on one of the web pages of your online fashion store and find denim instead of the dress, then what he/she will do next is to move to a different fashion store online.

What you can do to improve user experience is to choose easier navigations that help the site visitors to find products, services, or information without any hassle. Moreover, the design and appeal of your website should be simple yet attractive. Lastly, make your website easily readable and understandable by users.

  1. Loading time should be less

Consider yourself as a customer, who is looking for a product or service online; now think for how many times you have actually waited for more than a minute to get a website load. What we all generally do is to navigate to the next website displayed in the search results. Therefore, it is clear that people expect to access the information, products, or anything they are looking for online, to be displayed quickly.

In simple words, if your website is taking too long to load or respond, then you risk losing leads to your competitors. To avoid this, it is recommended to work on the loading time of your website by reducing the size of the images used on your site, enabling browser caching, minimizing redirects, and cleaning up the code on your website.

Apart from these three, there are many other factors that can make you achieve the top ranks in the SERP or Search Engine Result Pages. Some of these factors include integrating responsive design so that users can access your site from different devices, paying attention to the security of your website (which will further increase the security of the users visiting the site), creating quality content and putting it at the right place, and more.

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